Growing Fuchsias


Softwood cuttings: Can be taken throughout the spring into the summer.

Semi-ripe cuttings: Can be taken in late summer, they benefit from having some bottom heat.

Hardwood cuttings: Can be taken in late autumn, before severe frosts occur.

Growing a Bush Fuchsia

Begin training bushes as soon as the young plants have developed three sets of leaves.

  1. To form a bush, pinch (stop) the growing tip to stimulate two-to-four side-shoots to grow.
  2. Once these side-shoots have each developed two sets of leaves, stop the shoots to encourage bushiness.
  3. Repeat step two until the plant is as bushy as needed. Pinching out increases the potential number of blooms but delays actual flowering - flowers usually open six to eight weeks after you finish stopping.

Growing a Standard Fuchsia

It will take 18 months to achieve a full standard fuchsia and about six months for a quarter or mini standard.

  1. Leave the tip of a young fuchsia to grow and wait until side-shoots appear.
  2. Pinch out all the side-shoots, but do not remove the leaves on the main stem.
  3. Use a cane to support the plant and tie the stem at intervals along it.
  4. Repot as soon as the roots have started to fill the existing container. This will ensure that it grows upwards as quickly as possible.
  5. Continue until the desired length of stem has been reached.
  6. The recognised stem lengths for standard fuchsias are:
    1. Mini standard" 15-25cm (6-10in)
    2. Quarter standard" 25-45cm (10-18in)
    3. Half standard" 45-75cm (18in-2½ft)
  7. Full standard" 75cm-1m (2½-3¼ft)
  8. Allow a further three sets of leaves to develop, and then pinch out the tip. After this, training involves the same stopping procedures as for a bush (steps two and three).

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